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Dorm aunt graduation ceremony about crying cited concern about teachers and students of the University of Nanjing on 22 June, ("Chinese Internet" reporter Cai Yu, Wang Hengzhi) for students to care about her students often bask in the network; because in a network of schools, she was invited to speak at the graduation ceremony of the representatives of the staff and workers as; because of the wonderful ceremony,scarpe nike, she detonated network,occhiali da vista ray ban, known as "the most awesome dorm aunt". She is 60 years old Wu Guanghua, Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology,jordan 23, a common dormitory dormitory administrator. Why did Wu Guanghua win such a high evaluation of students? What is the relationship between her and the students in the end? Xinhua news agency, "China Internet" reporter 21 days into the Nanjing Institute of information engineering, with students and Wu Guanghua along with her four years of face-to-face communication. The Sun online story student dorm aunt go to a college graduation ceremony for a period of less than a thousand words speech, the audience of students was interrupted by applause 11 times. By this courtesy,hogan vendita online outlet, not the school's leadership is not an ordinary Professor,louboutin pas cher pour homme, but the male dormitory management aunt. Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology held 20 of the school graduates in 2011 graduation ceremony, not the same as in previous years, the school invited the dormitory administrator Wu Guanghua as the representatives of the staff and workers to speak,miami heat, this is epoch-making in the history of the school. Why choose Wu Guanghua? Originally,abercrombie&fitch, the school in the Xicihutong "South gas cloud" version of the discussion, Wu Guanghua had a fire,converse basse, the students often come up basking in some small story along with her. "Letter of thanks: March 16th - 3 No. 28, in my recovery after surgery, 29 dormitory rest, during my illness, special thanks to the dorm aunt Wu,nike nederland, in duties,feiyue original, help portrait,christian louboutin nederland, so take care of this for me, postoperative recovery plays a crucial role, special thanks to! May the world peace! 29 students." "It's raining,louboutin paris, she helped us to collect the quilt back, second days out of the sun and help us to get out."...... These stories resonate with a lot of people, students have "up",louboutin femme escarpin pas cher, Wu aunt gradually became network reds. Li Lianshui, President,louboutin nederland, said: "for students, the graduation ceremony is a summary of the University career. Choose Wu aunt as a representative to speak,asics whizzer lo, not only to make the graduates more in mind to be grateful, enterprising, happy,pigalle louboutin, but also to the graduates to leave a warm memory." "I was told to speak at the graduation ceremony, and my first reaction was' how could I'! So important occasions, the presence of all intellectuals,scarpe golden goose, I have what qualifications?" Wu Guanghua said. Later, in the mobilization of school teacher and student,adidas paris, Wu Guanghua was disturbed to accept this glorious mission "". College graduates Guan Pei told reporters: "see aunt go up,converse missoni, I was surprised; listening to Aunt emotional speech, I have moved there is joy; when classmates banners, I feel very proud. I feel so lucky to be able to live in this dorm for four years." The ceremony detonated network is awesome "my dorm aunt dry dorm staff at the school for ten years, ten years, I put the students as their own children look like, I love when they passed,occhiali da vista rayban, will shout" aunt, hello.相关的主题文章:
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