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Hi there,

Hopefully you're reading this because you intend to post a bug report and are willing to do it in a way that although a bit more time consuming than just posting "Whaaawaa, it's broken fix it !!!1!!!1!" will be more helpful to the team in locating and removing the issue.

If that is so, here's how I'd do it(and by that I mean "here's how you should do it"):

1. Look, if you can be bothered, around this forum section and check out if it's already submitted, no need for multiple threads on the same issue. If you locate a similar bug description, make sure to add your report to the same forum thread. You may not be the first to find it, but in general, additional info on reproducing the bug, and even the acknowledgement that it occurs on different PC configurations is helpful. If you haven't found a similar bug already reported, make sure you name your reporting thread something useful and descriptive of the issue.

2. If you're the type of tech-savvy person that can capture the bug in video format - do that, that will be awesome. If not, maybe just screenshot it. We do realize that some if not most bugs can't be easily captured in a single screenshot, but there's a lot of information about your current state that will be visible in the shot(which menu,level,stage,wave,equipment are involved).

3. If the bug is performance related(or you like bragging) add a bit of information on your PC configuration.

4. Describe the bug and how someone can reproduce it. A list of steps would be best. FYI "Step X. Button-mash until it happens." shouldn't be on the list.

5. Give us your reproduction rate, did you manage to reproduce the bug 5/5(or 10/10 or as high as you have patience for) times, or is it more like 1/5, or a "it happened once, couldn't reproduce".

6. Patiently await the dev team's response. The game is constantly in development. Some bugs will be closed quickly, some will be fixed later down the line. Don't be angry at the priority your bug is given.

Following these would make for a more organized and bug reporting experience.
As more bugs are submitted I'll do my best to organize a Summary Thread for all currently submitted bugs, so that you don't have to look around to much to know if your issue is already reported.

Thanks for reading, carry on.


Uploading the dmp file from the Crashes folder to google drive or a similar hosting/sharing service and providing the link would really help out in locating crash and freeze issues.

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Added a new rule above about not reporting bugs for other people.  Please dont do this, as its only a matter of time before I wind up going on a wild goose chase because of it.


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